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turn to chicago, where city officials announced plans to close 54 schools, most in overwhelmingly black neighborhoods. >> now we've got to worry about our kids going to another location. worry about what's going to happen to them going to school. >> brown: hari sreenivasan continues our series on broadband technology with a look at a new digital divide over how high-speed access and mobile devices are being used. >> woodruff: and mark shields and david brooks analyze the week's news. that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and friends of the newshour. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> brown: it was a day of diplomacy for president obama in the middle east. he promised jordan he would seek $200 million in much-needed help to cope with an influx of refugees from syria's war and before leaving israel, he brokered a critical conversa
much, joining us from amman. >> brown: still to come on the "newshour": chicago's plans to shutter public schools; the growing gap on how internet access is being used and shields and brooks. but first, the other news of the day. here's hari sreenivasan. >> sreenivasan: the senate looked ready to pass its first budget in four years in a midnight finish. the final vote was set to come later tonight or early tomorrow morning, after a flurry of votes on dozens of amendments dubbed "vote-a-rama". the nonbinding budget bill would impose almost $1 trillion of tax increases couplihu)ud $875 billion in spending cuts. democrat chris coons of delaware said crafting a budget should be about more than the bottom line. >> we need to do it in a way that both stabilizes our deficit and debt, makes critical investments in growing our economy and preserves the core of the programs on which americans rely. this is not just about numbers. it is also about values. it is also about priorities. >> sreenivasan: republican jeff sessions of alabamaçó called democrats out for how they were using the word
. an updated winter storm warning for the greater chicago area, this is the target zone of this storm as it makes its trek to the east coast. chicago, for all snow. lot more questions about how much snow is going to accumulate. it may mix with rain for coastal areas of virginia. this swath of snow. the white is three to six inches. widespread through minneapolis down through chicago. chicago, six to eight inches. a bull's eye near virginia. that's where the worst of the storm will be. the target time for the coastal flooding. veronic veronica, my first call snowfall graphics i'll bring that later. >> bill, we could never hate you. >> i didn't say hate, i said didn't like. >>> coming up -- a nurse refusing to perform cpr on a patient. >>> gunmakers posting big profits. >>> plus, what's ahead for businesses on this first monday of march. we're back in 3. sorry. sore knee. blast of cold feels nice. why don't you use bengay zero degrees? it's the one you store in the freezer. same medicated pain reliever used by physical therapists. that's chilly! [ male announcer ] bengay zero degrees. f
are in effect for much of the area. so now chicago bracing for what could be the biggest snowfall of the season. up to 11 inches by tonight. one to two inches an hour at times. so as a result, chicago's o'hare and midway airports can expect some serious delays and maybe even some flight cancellations there. jennifer delgado is live in chicago for us. karen mcguinness is monitoring the storm. we're going to start with jennifer who is in my hometown. good morning to you. how is it going there? >> reporter: yeah, good morning. it's cold in your hometown. right now we're on michigan avenue. you can see chicago river. i'm sure you're getting home sick right now and lake michigan. we don't have any snow out here right now. it's 50 miles away. really right to the west of dekalb. expecting the snow to arrive around 9:00, 10:00. still that will be rush hour. that is going to lead to problems for motorists. as we walk this way, we kind of show you on the roadways, yeah, it's nice and dry. crews are already laid down a little bit of salt in anticipation of drivers out there. but it's not just the drivers.
story tonight. pete, thanks. >>> now to chicago and the outrage expressed over mayor rahm emanuel's plan to close dozens of that city's public schools. 30,000 kids will be moved to different schools, most of them black on the city's south and west sides. chicago's not the only city where budget problems are forcing big changes in the public schools. our chief education correspondent rehema ellis is in detroit tonight after an all day conference as part of our education nation initiative. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. detroit is like a lot of cities struggling with budget deficits and closing schools like the one behind me. proposed shut-downs in chicago are more and bigger than any city has ever attempted all at one time. outrage intensified as word spread. 54 public schools in chicago are slated to close at the end of this school year. >> my child has been here since he's been going to school. >> it's so sad to think that they are all going to be separated. >> reporter: the city is working to address a $1 billion deficit and says the closures could save $560 million ov
violence work in chicago? a huge sinkhole swallows a man inside his house. and red sky at night. hot winds whip up wildfires when the "cbs evening news" continues. continues. [ male announcer ] why is kellogg's crunchy nut so delicious? because every flake is double-toasted... splashed with sweet honey... and covered in rich double-roasted peanuts. mmm. [ hero ] yummy. >> pelley: we've been following chicago's epidemic of gun violence and there are signs of improvement tonight. the police report a sharp drop in homicides just this past month from 42 in january to 14 in february. and that is the fewest in any month in 56 years. our john miller, a former deputy commissioner of the inpatient, tells us about the new york import who's helping turn chicago's crime problem around. >> reporter: when mayor rahm emanuel hired police suspect superintendent gary mccarthy two years ago, it was a test. could mccarthy use the strategies he honed when he worked in the new york city police department to bring chicago the same kind of dramatic reductions in crime? the biggest challenge in chicago has
into or out of chicago o'hare. another big and punishing snowstorm making its way across the country tonight. bad weather could have verying a lot of ground. rain in the south. but heavy snow further on up north. winter weather watches and warnings stretching across a huge area from eastern minnesota all the way to the appalachian mountains. nbc's john yang with us from michigan avenue in chicago. john, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. in the chicago area, already about eight and a half inches on the ground in some places. this is the most snow chicago has seen since the blizzard of 2011. the fierce late-season storm is pummeling the midwest, making a snowy mess on sidewalks and highways. >> we could have blowing snow and that makes it tough. >> reporter: this morning, a tractor trailer slid off a snow-covered wisconsin interstate, plunging into the river. authorities said the driver died and a passenger was missing. for air travelers, a giant headache. nationwide, airlines cancelled about 1300 flights, more than 1,000 of them at chicago's midway and o'hare airports. >> it sta
they want and what they want is parody with the very two best page orchestras in the country. chicago and los angeles. san francisco is one of the very top orchestras in the world along with chicago and l.a. it is also a dangerous comparison, i would say, chicago has had its own financial problems. endowment is not in great shape. a strike last fall there. there could be cutbacks in the future there. some of the management says we have gone through a recession. you got a 17% pay hike over a four-year contract. now we need to check ourselves to make sure we can keep our budget balanced every year. >> and average salary is $165,000 a year. ten weeks paid vacation. some would say it is not bad. >> this is a touchy issue. if you look at the news stories in print or the comments online and on the air on forum this morning when the symphony strike was the issue, i think a lot of people aren't very sympathetic. they run a risk here, the same risk professional athletes run when they get into a dispute with team managers. you can turn off fans when you look at salaries and benefits and you thi
grupo de estudiantes latinos, fueron mÁs de mil los que vinieron hasta el centro de chicago, paralizaron las calles, unos 2 o 0 fueron arrestados porque estÁ medida fue ra sishltscista y a efectfÁ ciudad de chicago. en un Último intento por pre fr el cierre de las escuelas de chicago, maestros, padre y estudiantes marcharon en contra de una medida racista. >>> es triste, no estÁn endo a los niÑos como un ser humano si no como un negocio >>> deberÍan tomar otras opciones porque queremos recibir una educaciÓn como mejor. >>> hace una semana el distrito escolar de chicago anunciÓ que planea cerrar 54 escuelas al finito finalizar el aÑo escolar u dÉficit de mil millones de dÓlares llevo a drÁstica medida, administradores dicen que las escuelas en la lista negra tienen muy baja matrÍcula y su clausura les ahorra al distrito 43 millones de dÓlares anualmente. me duele que los adultos no han podido tener una conversaciÓn civil sobre lo que es mejor para los niÑos. 30 mil estudiantes se verÁn afectados, cientos de maestros perderÁn sus empleos, muchos de ellos hoy dicen que lol
south, plenty cold from minneapolis to chicago, indianapolis, detroit, pittsburgh and d.c., this morning, those are all kind of the target areas for this next storm. let me take you through the timing of it. this morning it's snowing hard in areas of north dakota and minnesota. tomorrow morning, we should have about three to six inches on the ground in minneapolis. chicago, tomorrow morning at this time, is when the snow will begin. during the rush hour tomorrow morning. starting to snow and accumulating. during the day tomorrow will be the worst in chicago. possibly six to ten in the highest areas. wednesday morning, snow in the area throughout all of the ohio valley. wednesday evening, that heavy snow starts to fall west virginia towards the d.c. area. coastal areas will get a little bit of a mix. again the worst of the storm wednesday night. that's where it will be cranking just off the north carolina coast. and thursday morning, we're very concerned about the beaches of southern virginia and maryland. those areas were hit so hard by sandy. again, six to ten minneapolis and chicago. t
in this case. >> okay. josh, thank you for coming on the show. >> thank you. melissa: next, chicago will shut down dozens of schools topose a 1 million-dollar deficit. we will explain coming up next. and this season ticket holder on the other side of the legal brawl is here. piles of mney coming up this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day afr day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] e pill eachmorning. 24 hours. zero heartbur melissa: it is friday afternoon. that doesn't mn that you can't think about how to make money on monday. keeping a close eye on the u.s. treasury bonds. investors are squawking to them for their second straight week on yields. investors are racing to the safe haven of things. almost any conversation about education ends up coming down to money. money is the reason behind the latest and largest school closures in our nations history. chicago is closing 54 schools. can you imagine? it's an effort to s
. correspondent mike tobin says much of the disagreement boils down to a divide between chicago and the rest of the state. >> on chicago's mean streets, neighborhoods like lawndale and inglewood, gun violence is part of nearly every night. kids are caught in the crossfire. city leaders seized on the emotion of tragedies like the sandy hook elementary school massacre to push for stiffer fun penalties. >> this is an opportunity to push an agenda? >> and connect nationally. this is an american child. >> shots fired. >> chicago leaders are calling for a 3-1/2-year mandatory minimum sentence for illegal gun possession guarantees that convicts won't be released after serving a fraction of the time. >> increasing penalties, and requiring criminals to serve their punishment. we not only protect our children, our families and our communities. but we also prevent retaliatory killings that plague our neighborhoods. >> different sentences will mean more people in illinois prisons. but they are bursting at the scenes. overcrowded and understaffed. rest of illinois will have foot the bill for chicago's pr
'brien, the deputy mayor of brayer, ireland, on a ten-plus hour flight? >> yes, we flew to chicago and then flew from chicago to san francisco. >> reporter: great to have you here. what do you think of the bay area so far, our dublin, california? >> so far it is a fantastic city. this is my first visit, and i'm hoping that over the next couple of days i really get to enjoy the city itself and the celebration. >> reporter: and we know in different countries celebrations mean different things to different folks. a lot of time here st. patrick's day gets the rap for the green beer or the green river in chicago, but for you guys it is a national holiday at its roots in ireland. what does it mean for you? >> back in ireland it is a national holiday we enjoy that brings everyone together. the it's one holiday everyone comes out to celebrate our history. again, back in ireland we have the green, we have buildings that are green and we have a parade that's fantastic. unfortunately in ireland, a lot of times it can be rainy, so i'm looking forward to one with some sun. >> reporter: i can guarantee you're goin
few months. what it will take for that to happen and what that will mean. also, fighting back. chicago teachers put their freedom on the line to protest the decision to shut down dozens of public schools. first, though, today's producer pick. the 15-year-old pakistani girl shot in the face by the taliban nearly six months ago will be telling her story. her memoir will be published this fall. wait until you hear how much the deal is worth. you can read about it all on thomas roberts' facebook page. introducing new febreze stick & refresh with command strips from 3m. designed to stick and eliminate odors anywhere. like this overflowing trashcan. to test it, we brought in the scott family. so what do you smell? beach house and you're looking out over the ocean. some place like, uh, hawaii in like a flower field. take your blindfolds off. aw man! [ screams ] [ laughs ] that smells good. i wouldn't even just put it in the trash, i'd put it in every room. stick it to eliminate odors anywhere. new febreze stick & refresh. breathe happy. i took something for my sinuses, but i still have this c
segura. >> en chicago 17 personas fueron arrestadas por que el senado no presento la reforma. >> los manifestante que el tiempo es crucial para dar presion, blanca rosa unvision. >> pasamos a armas, es la realidad, a pesar de las masacres de estados unidos de los asesinatos, no se aprueba ni una ley para limitar armas, se siguen usando armas de guerra, y solo se dara una ley de antecedentes penales de gente que compre, tenemos la frustacion. >> el estáncamiento y frustacion van de la mano en el congreso, por el asesinato en conneticut. >> tengo que tener 60 votos para extender revision de antencedentes para compradores. >> aprobaron 6 medidas que dan autoridad para controlar armas. >> se adjuntaron al financiamiento hasta septiembre. >> son medidas anuales. >> se dio un acuerdo antes new town, y amenazaron con aumentar flujo de armas, una de las medidas, dice que no pueden dar revision de inventarios para saber si se roban armas. >> que se niegue licencia por falta de actividad. >> se le añaden las medidas que son medidas que continuan dejar que las armas sean facilmente comprables
blicas chicago darán clases de educación sexual en niños de kinder ha dado de qué hablar, vamos con los detalles. >> la junta escolar de las escuelas públicas de chicago ha dado prueba nacional, de que tengan clases de educación sexual, y algunos expertos consideran que es buena medida. >> empezar a exponer el tema al fin y al cabo lo más importante viene de la casa y familia, si el niño tiene preguntas. >> de acuerdo con las escuelas piblicas en chicago, los menores tendrán conceptos que esta de acuerdo esta madre. >> esto es bien imporntante para ellos. >> para las escuelas públicas de chicago, esto ayudara a erigir una fundación de conocimientos que les ayudara en sus vidas, y los padres ven con preocupación la medida. >> si saben más mejor, pero ellos así de chicos no saben, los papás deben enseñar. >> el enfoque de educación sexual serán las familias y la importancia de no tocar a otros. >> y enfermedades de transmisión sexual. >> los padres de familias tendrán la opción de que sus jhijos no las tomen. >> las consecuencias de crisis económicas se viven en todo estados u
world. you can see the full interview on march 9 and 10 on nhk world. >>> people in chicago are dealing with more than just stro gusts. >> the storm that has been battering the eastern half of this continent is finally pulling away. you can see this big spiral moving to the atlantic coast finally moving off into the shore. it has done the damage. let me show you a video coming up from chicago. a strong winter storm battered chicago on tuesday bringing heavy snow and strong winds. 28 centimeters of snowfall making it the largest winter storm to hit this area since 2011. the blizzard brought it to stand still. many residents found ways to enjoy the colder weather too. people are having snowball fights out there. finally the conditions will be improving in the eastern coast. the new england states will still be feeling the very gusty conditions as well as mixed precipitation due to a system intensifying over water. you can see how big it has become since yesterday due to the warm sea surface temperature. the flights could get cancelled in and around new york both airports as well as boston
por medidas migratorias formen parte de esta caravana. >>> en segundos veremos como chicago le declara la guerra a falsos abogados que estafan a los en estados unidos hay personas que se aprovechan de los indocumentadoss que en se desesperaciÓn por poner sus papeles de migraciÓn en orden hacen lo que sean, aplauden las medidas de chicago por hacer campaÑa en contra de esto. >>> miguel campos se hace pasar por inmigrante pidiendo consejo legal en oficinas de consejo de migraciÓn. >>> fue procesada, la deportaron y preguntaba si eso afectarÍa traer a mi prometida, me decÍan que no. >>> la ciudad de chicago lanzÓ operativo para frenar el abuso y fraude en contra de los inmigrantes y de acuerdo a veces investigaciÓn 54 negocioss casi la mitad no cumplen con las leyes estatales, notarios que se hacen pasar por abogados es la mayorÍa. >>> lo vemos en todos los estados y comunidades. >>> llueven locales cas casos da costa afectadas por la falta de severidad en las leyes. >>> pocos estados regulan los negocios de servicios de inmigraciÓn, dando rienda suelta a notarios para robarle d
su versiÓn de la reforma. miles en chicago toman la plaza para protestar el cierre de 50 escuelas, y lo llevaremos donde la cÁrcel el papa francisco celebrara la misma de jueves santo y le labarÁ los pies a los convictos. comenzamos. >>> este es su "noticiero univisiÓn." con jorge ramos y marÍa elena salinas. ♪ >>> buenas noches. comenzamos el "noticiero univisiÓn" con una entrevista con el presidente de estados unidos. el presidente hablÓ muchas con nosotros, y esta vez en la conversaciÓn lourdes no fue la excepciÓn, y se concentra gran parte en la reforma migratoria. >>> el presidente anunciÓ que viajarÁ a mÉxico y costa rica en mayo y se reunirÁ con sus mandatarios. >>> cuÁl sera la agenda ahÍ? >>> es una regiÓn que se sintio postergada por estados unidos. >>> a comienzos de mayo voy a mÉxico primero, tienen un nuevo presidente ahÍ, queremos asegurarnos de hablar de cÓmo podemos seguir reforzando las relaciones comerciales, temas fronterizos, si tenemos una reforma amplia podremos cooperar, no solo en cuanto a seguridad, sino en intercambio de bienes y servicio
, and all major american pro sports. but the hot streak ended as the chicago bulls held off a late surge and pulled off the 101-97 win. lebron james complained about being bumped around a lot during the game, but said he felt fortunate to be part of the winning run. >> i'm very humbled and blessed to be a part of this team and be a part of a streak like that. you mow, it's one of the best that this league has ever seen. >> the heat's winning streak is second only to the 33 straight wins by the l.a. lakers in 1971-'72. >>> at the supreme court wednesday justices appeared to be skeptical of the defensive marriage act. the law bars the federal government from recognizing same sex marriages and denies benefits for those couples even in states where the marriages are legal. here's nbc news justice correspondent pete williams. >> reporter: gay rights supporters as the court cheered the 83-year-old new york woman at the center of this case. edie windsor, when miss windsor's spouse thea spyer died four years ago, she left the estate she got an inheritance tax bill for $363,000 because doma block
negocios, nos referimos a nogales donde pasan unas 80 mil personas, se provocarian retrasos. >> chicago rompio el ciclo de violkencia de hace unos meses, se registraron 14 y el superintentende de la policía de chicago dice que se avanza en la disminucion del crimen. >> el caso de corrupción de baister gordillo en méxico sigue causando revuelo, dicen que esto no cambiaria las cosas wen el sindicato. >> maestra y madre de 5 niños doña berenice se alegra de ver a la corrupta gordillo tras las rejas. >> yto decía, ojalá sea verdad. >> ese dinero se lo robo a los maestros, gordillo y su grupo no deberian estar en ningún puesto. >> eran maestros que no se preocupaban de que los niños de chiapas no comian. >> hoy toman distancias de baister gordillo, esta denuncio maltrato y esta en un hospital. >> creo que la gran duda que hay es si realmente la van a dejar en la cárcel o negociaran su salida. >> a su hija le hablkaban colegas de distintos partidos. >> es un asunto personal pero quiero seguir legislando. >> la mayoría de las propiedades de la mujer están a nombres de sus familiare
monster hammering the midwest and moving east. record snowfall in chicago. thousands of flights canceled or delayed right now. it's the third big storm in weeks. people are getting pretty tired of it. >>> also tonight the death of a world leader who made it his business to sell america's oil then use the profits to make america mad. >>> but first, the storm and alexandra steele in the weather center. chicago we know is getting hammered. what's happening? >> here it is. you can see here's chicago. the worst pretty much over for chicago. we've seen about 6, 7 inches. tonight here's the radar. we're seeing more snow showers around. you can see the pictures from chicago. it certainly was substantial and a record for the day in chicago. tonight we're going to see these winds at about 30 miles per hour. so blowing and drifting of the snow that fell about 6, 7 inches thus far. breaks the record for the day. most snow chicago's seen, believe it or not, since 2011 on the groundhog day blizzard. a little bit shy for the season, although it's the third snowstorm we've seen thus far, still about fou
was a lecturer on constitutional law or not, the university of chicago law school, the fact of the matter is the man has been misrepresenting truth. he has said that on obamacare, premiums would not go up. the cost of health care would decline, that we could keep our doctors. we could keep our health care plans. turns out none of that is true. on the second amendment he is talking, it is bizarre that there is no accountability for this a ministration on simple truth and the facts. >> the people have an opportunity to peaceably assemble competition their government for redress of grievance. we started something called 82 petition that. american citizens can go and practice their first amendment rights, go to that site, register your feelings on it, and will give that to the president. he is got to start paying attention to the people of the united states. i am astounded that people are not rising and saying more about it. people are listening. much more on the assault on the second amendment. but talking about that. and the united nations arms reader of this broadcast. stay with us. misrep
mind," and found a congenial publisher in chicago of all places. milton friedman, george whom hung outl of in chicago and challenged the economics of the day and eventually help us turn the world upside down. some years ago, i talked to the author of "commanding heights," a work in which he points out that the 1950's marked the triumph of collectivism the world over. the era of the five-year plan, government enterprise, and the faith in the wisdom of the state the dominated thinking not just in the soviet union and the socialist countries and scandinavia, in britain as well, and, yes, even in the united states. those were the days for believers in economic and political freedom the world over -- those were dark days. chambers' assessment proved wrong, in large part because of the work of the intellectuals, whoers, and publishers, were thinking even as he penned those words. even as the forces of collectivism seemed dominic, a small but growing band of intellectuals were sowing the seeds that would eventually produce the modern republican movement -- even as the forces of collectivism se
is headed east where it is expected to cause a commuter's nightmare from minneapolis to chicago before moving to the mid-atlantic states. jay gray is in the windy city where schools are already closed. jay, good morning. how is it looking out there? >> good morning to you. the wind picking up here. a bitter wind, still no snow. that's the good news, the maybe the morning commute will be spared, but there's little doubt that the afternoon commute will be a mess because the storm will begin moving through, dropping heavy, wet snow on this area. the winds are expected to increase as well, that's a concern as far as power lines and how they will be effected. look, this all started in the dakota with an intense snow in some areas, over a foot. that's an area used to severe weather, but they even had to close schools. that's when you know this storm has the attention of some hearty souls. yesterday we saw people stocking up getting for what's to come. that's the latest from here, back to you. >> thank you very much, jay. bill karins will have much more on what to expect from the winter storm
1,500 flights were canceled across the u.s. today. at chicago's o'hare airport, one of the busiest in the world, 9 inches of snowfall took its toll on departures and arrivals. >> i think we're going to be staying in chicago. >> reporter: on the shore, flooding is a concern. crews in brick town new jersey spent tuesday building sand dunes. this town is still recovering from superstorm sandy. mayor steven acropolis spent the day on an atv looking for residents and urging them to leave. >> if there's a low lying area or they're on barrier island we're really asking them to seek higher ground. >> reporter: flood warnings stretch from delaware to long island. some areas could see more than a foot of snow near the capitol here. children are likely to get their wish today. most schools have already announced they are closing for today. and also this storm is supposed to clear up and get sunny again on friday, so it's sandwiched between two beautiful weather days, anne-marie. yesterday people were right here picnicking. >> wow, isn't that something. at least it will be
, we are dealing death. >> cenk: and then on the issue of the chicago public school closings, there were 54 of them. it had to do with the budget. not necessarily so. it may have more to do with rahm emanuel and who he is getting money from. very interesting story. it's go time. [♪ theme music ♪] >> cenk: the supreme court today is considering a defense of marriage act, a law passed in 1996 that says quote . . . now, this is of course being championed by conservatives who claimed they care staibt righted. they say if your state passes gay marriage laws too bad we don't care about state rights at all. and that seems to be wildly hypocritical, and that is an issue in this case. who brought the case? it's edie windsor, she was married to thea spyer in 2007 after they were together for about 40 years. her partner died in 2009. she had to pay $363,000 in federal estate taxes that she wouldn't have had to pay if she was a man -- if they had a mar age according to federal laws that was recognized. now of course they were legally married in canada, nonetheless
as the president of the chicago association of realtors and she is also in chicago's top 1% among 14,000 brokers. she's number six. it's great to have you. >> thank you. >> let's look at market stats in the near north end of chicago. the average listing price there about $1.1 million as you see. the median sales price is $370,000 difference year-over-year. let's -- how do you handicap the market in that neighborhood in chicago right now? >> the market in chicago is on fire. we have a lack of inventory and a lot of buyers who want to buy. >> the market is on fire. on a scale of one to ten you would give it a? >> nine. >> nine. all right. let's take a look at some houses, shall we? >> sure. >> let's start with this one. it is 6300 north lemae avenue. eight days on the market. take me through it. >> it's a tudatudor home. three bedrooms, two and a half bath. you have a living room with a cathedral ceiling. dining room, large windows. high end cabinets. stainless steel appliances. there is a center staircase that goes up to the top floor that consists of three bedrooms, two baths. the lower level of
and this week it's a major snowstorm, possibly the biggest so far this season in the city of chicago and also in the city of washington, d.c. as we head into tomorrow. today, chicago you're dealing with some of the heaviest snowfall and i want to start out with the current temperatures. not only do temperatures indicate whether you get rain or snow. but 32 grease in determines that the snow you get will be heavy snow and could bring down tree branches and power lines. six to 12 inches in chicago and it will be the heavy wet snow. in wisconsin, northern sections of noil and eastern portions of missouri. the storm will continue to track eastbound a number of winter storm warnings are in effect. not how much snow you will get. anywhere with the pink shading you have the possibility of four to eight inches of snow. locally up to a foot possible. besides the snow accumulation the wind is big concern gifting up to 20 or 30 miles an hour at times that will produce dangerous conditions on the roadways. whiteout conditions at times and flight delays and cancellations. not a pleasure to do any travelin
. >>> also, shut down in chicago. >> i think it's a bit ridiculous. >> if you take them out of where they live, what does that say to the child? >> an unprecedented move to close 50 elementary schools. critics say it targets minorities and the poor. >>> plus dow watch. records being shattered every day. should you give your 401(k) a fresh look? >>> plus, late night shakeup. >> before we get started, i have to talk about the rumors today. >> will "the tonight show" get a new host? >> the rumors are true. nbc is turning "the tonight show" into diving competition. >> you're live in the cnn newsroom. good morning, thank you so much for being with me. i'm carol costello. we begin this morning in israel. rockets fly, a cease-fire wobbles and president obama's visit highlights the enormous challenges of trying to broker a peace deal. president obama wrapped up the meeting with mahmoud abbas, president of the palestinian authority. and the palestinians blamed for the latest tension. two rockets fired from gaza scratch into southern israel. no injuries, but still dealing a below to obama's pu
of a american family. he writes about the life and relationship with his brothers ram, the mayor of chicago, and a hollywood agent. then books about business leaders. including "american turn around" reinventing at&t and gm and the way we do business in u.s.a. tonight on c spain we'll take a look at the entertain programming and political journalism. and talk about non-fiction outlet like tmz and daily show as well as scripted programs. at 8:00 p.m. eastern watch a discussion featuring the editor of tmz. cnn abc news anchorrer ron brown. your comment as joined by american university professor and patrick gavin, staff writer for "politico." here's a brief look at our program. >> a lot of people were in congress were in the senate they're very interesting people. and if you can get to that and you peel back a couple of the layers, you may find out there's something interesting. they're not movie stars, i don't know but seeing one of your representatives playing basketball and finding out that you have a great jump shot and that he does this every tuesday night might be interesting to some peo
fue en medio de una divertida entrevista en chicago, con la celebraciÓn del tercer aniversario de la campaÑa que combate la obesidad entre los niÑos, no se pieda la entrevista completa, michelle obama contestarÁ preguntas tambiÉn de nuestros niÑos hispanos, muy pendientes, con el fin del papado papa benedicto xvi, el trono queda vacÍo, eligen al sucesor que enfrentarÁ grandes retos. conocerÁ a un hombre que pasa aÑos enteros sin baÑarse, no puede ver el agua ni en pintura, algo mÁs aquÍ al regre sar en "primer im ♪. ♪. ♪. > >>> y el vaticano sigue en movimiento, luego de la renuncia de benedicto xvi se sabe que la primera reuniÓn de cardenales se realizarÁ el lunes, se definirÍa el inicio del conclave. vamos a la ciudad de vaticano, con ricardo, los detalles de lo que sucede en la santa sede, adelante ricardo. >>> sÍ, gracias, quÉ tal, roma amaneciÓ hoy sin obispo, el vaticano no tiene pontÍfice, y creÓ incertidumbre, no se sabe cuÁndo se iniciara el conclave, para los que visitaron la santa sede, fue simplemente otro dÍa. con papa o sin papa. >>> la plaza
ofbury. they did great job of separating the wheat from the chaff in this sector. consider chicago bridge and iron, cbi. a company that stopped being about bridges and iron over a century ago and isn't even based in chicago, hair not even based in illinois, not even based in america. they're among the largest construction companies on earth, folksst on building energy related infrastructure and it's headquartered in the hague. should they change their name to the netherlands krks company or maybe just the succinct dutch oven? who could make a joke about chicago bridge and iron other than cramerica. we know that this is the case because last week on february 27th, chicago bridge and iron, they knocked it out of the park. reporting a spectacular quarter with earnings coming at 91 cents on an 8 cent bead on better than expected revenue that rose 25.2% year after year. even though cbi had run up dramatically, the stock continued to surge after the report rallying from $53 to $55.87 where, like other stock, it hit a brand new high. not. >> is doing as well as chicago bridge and iron. just two
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, and then let the public decide. >> that win in chicago, did it underscore that in order to fight the nra you really have to come up with a lot of money. is that the lesson you learned? >> no, but i think it is a harbinger of what is happening here, you don't have to put the money into the race. it is the people that show up at the polls. >> money doesn't hurt. >> well, it does take something to get information out. media costs money. cnn charges for -- >> for advertising. >> but it is o-- this is reallya chance for the public to just get the facts. >> so your message to the nra right now is? >> well, i don't have a message for the nra. i have a message for people that if they want to be heard, if they want to make this country safer for themselves and their kids, you got to go to the polls. and you have got to express yourself. and vote for people who want sensible gun rules. sensible interpretation of the second amendment, protect the second amendment, but also make sure people who have substance abuse problems or criminals, don't get their hands on the guns. it is particularly poignant, in
this face. >> you might see me every once in a while. >> and i'm diana perez. from chicago to washington, d.c., millions of americans are on storm watch this morning. get the very latest from accuweather in a moment. >>> also this morning, tough talk from the u.s. to iran. from the vice president to the secretary of state. the message to iran is the same, stop the nuclear plans or else. >> now also this morning, crime fighting thanks to a caped crusader, how batman helped cops for real. check him out. we'll go in search of his true identity. >> i love vigilantes. >> his physique isn't exactly the movie star physique. >> that's okay. he got the bad guy. >>> and the movie sequel that's getting a whole bunch of buzz. "anchor man 2" reunites rob burgundy and the cast that's keeping san diego classy. now a top hollywood actor has plans to join that wacky crew. details coming up in "the skinny." >> cannon ball. should be a good one. >>> we're going to begin with the latest arctic blast leaving state after state covered in white snow. it's coming down in the upper midwest. it's taking aim at the m
anyone read, i think it was in the chicago tribune , there are still tribes in the amazonian jungle that nobody knew about. and rather sad, some poor fisherman was caught and rather ceremonially lost his life here, folks, and that's one reason they think there must be tribes we don't know about. but how interesting in our modern world that there are groups who still are untouched by western society - it's something else. anyway, we're generalizing, but some basic terms. mana - that sense of unseen spiritual force present everywhere. i hate to go back to the star war trilogy and start talking about yoda again, but "the force" energizes everything. we don't have that concept of dead matter that so often has worked its way into the western world-view about the relationship - again, relationship - between humans and the natural world. animism is a more specific kind of mana - the natural world is alive with spirits. someone was telling me the other day when i - i said, "knock on wood" - you know that old saying, "knock on wood"? well, someone was telling me, from a native american persp
michigan in wisconsin. he thinks it's going the boom like chicago has boomed. and he's mistaken. this town doesn't boom. he comes pack to albany -- back to albany, he marries a woman called jane lathrop who's the daughter of an accountant, and he's marrying up, in fact. and they return to this wisconsin town, and they're bored. two years pass, stanford's brothers, meanwhile, have all gone to california. the year is 1850. they've all gone to california. they all started digging for gold, and suddenly his brothers realize very quickly that the way to make a secure living was not to dig for gold and lose your shirt, but to sell things to the guys who dig for gold. so the stanford brothers open a series of little shops in the sierras selling pick axes and bags of rice and camp gear and liquor to the miners. stanford, leland stanford in wisconsin is exchanging letters with his brothers. they're saying come out here, the getting is good. stanford's law office burns in a fire, he loses his files, he loses his law books, and he decides i don't want to be a lawyer, i'm going to california. he goes
tomorrow. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening everybody. thank you for joining us. the teachers' union in chicago organizing a massive protest of demonstrations in response to the announcement that chicago will shut down 54 schools. schools closing in an effort to close a gaping wide budget deficit plotting to small traffic with acts of civil disobedience as they tried death save jobs that simply are not needed as school system. chicago public schools are staring at a projected budget -- budget deficit of a billion dollars facing an enrollment that has been swept by 34,000 past decade. mayor ron emanuel said the closures are necessary because too many of the chicago public school buildings are now half empty supporting up to 60,000 empty seats over the past decades. a system that has seats for nearly half a million students, nearly 20 percent of those seats are empty. looking at the consolidation that will cost an estimated $2,303,000,000, the teachers' union basically saying they don't care. you know, i don't know what they do. the half billion dollars of the next decade by closing its 54 school
. with his famous so how is that so many chicago people are responding? it is suddenly not a pretty windy city. and be more afraid of government. th neil: here is what happens when the government gives you everything you want. it wakes up one morning and said, do you know what? we cannot afford any of it. chicago and the latest spending city. it has rahm emanuel in a heck of a jam. he is closing more than 50 schools to take cash and now the teachers union that helped make him the mayor is right now. detroit had to bring in outside supervisor in. when good intentions go very bad. >> that is right. they are making the right move to merge these failing schools in places like chicago and detroit. they have already seen this. the problem is the unions who are balking at this. they have been living a very nice lifestyle for a long time. and they don't like to see this happening. but pontiac michigan has done with great sucss. the problem is when you have urban sprawl in the campaign for coming out to find a way to pay for it. it may be an issue of emerging entire towns throughout the country. >
? he got his job. %-iron fist. with his famous so how is that so many chicago people are responding? it is suddenly not a pretty windy city. and be more afraid of government. th thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it. otherworldly things. but there are some things i've never seen before. this ge jet engine can understand 5,000 data samples per second. which is good for business. because planes use less fuel, spend less time on the ground and more time in the air. suddenly, faraway places don't seem so...far away. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. ♪ to help you not just stay alive... but feel alive. the c-class is no exception. it's a mercedes-benz, through and through. see yo
? he got his job. %-iron with his famous so how is that so many chicago people are responding? it is suddenly not a pretty windy city. and be more afraid of government. th [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually all your imptant legal matters in just minutetes. protect youramily... and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side. from the united states poal service a small jam maker can ship like a big business. just go online to pay, print and have your packages picked up for free. we'll do the rest. ♪ neil: here is what happens when the government gives you everything you want. it wakes up one morning and said, do you know what? we cannot afford any of it. chicago and the latest spending city. it has rahm emanuel in a heck of a jam. he is closing more than 50 schools to take cash and now the teachers union that helped make him the mayor is right now. detroit had to bring in outside supervisor in. when good intentions go very bad. >> that is right. they are making the right move to merge these failing schools in places like chicago and
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